" The Lord has done great things for us, whereof we are glad." Psalms 126:3

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Adventures from last week!

My toy basket makes a nice handle to lean on! 

This is Elizabeth, another neighbor, who enjoys
playing with me! 

Mommy and I had a picnic a week ago! 

Mommy took me to the Fun fair at school last Saturday night!
I did not like my face being painted! Sorry, it had to be wiped off!
Must be because it is not food! 

My Many Moves!

A new move! When we stand Ruthanne up against
a chair, she will slowly bend down like this and carefully
sit down! 

She's not afraid to crawl around at the student center at school
and meet all the college students! 

This is a more unsteady move. I am not walking yet, but
still trying to keep myself up!

What manners?

Hello everyone! Grandma will you come and eat with me? 

This bottle looks bigger than her! It is full of
carrots and kale! We tried it! It is okay. Not our
family favorite!

Cheese! I am eating my peas on the floor today
while Mommy cleans my messy high chair!
Can you imagine me being messy? 

I love my carrot juice! When I'm done eating, I sing and talk and entertain
my family. They try not to laugh! Hee! Hee!

My playmate!

Meet Ella! My next door neighbor! She is fun to play with.
Ella is three months younger and is already getting ready to walk! 

Mr. Potato Head is Fun!

Look what I found! Mr. Potato Head!
Who needs to buy the toy when
you have the real thing? 

How does it taste? The other day, I caught her
eating the potatoes!!!

Can you sit like this and have that much fun? 

MMMM! Should I try some more?

Simple toys bring great fun!

Don't worry! I didn't eat them all! Anyways,
Mrs. Debbie said raw potatoes are supposed to
be good for our tummies! You should try them!

Visiting with Mr. Appel

In the beginning of October, Mr. Appel visited Ambassador.
He stayed at our house a few days! Ruthanne was able to chat
with him. She let him use her room and slept with Daddy and Mommy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smile for Daddy!

Autumn smiles!

Getting ready for Mr. Appel to spend the night!
He slept in Ruthanne's room and she slept in ours!
Here's the pump Daddy!

There's enough air! This is fun!

Ready for Sunday to go to God's house!
One of Mommy's favorite outfits and now the sleeves fit!
I am getting bigger!

Goofy grin!

Can I have a new bathtub for Christmas? Ruthanne loves looking
at any book! No need to buy expensive picture books - she loves any
book with or without pictures!

Ruthanne plays on the floor in the Student center at
school while Mommy emails and Daddy reads.

She had fun playing with the pillows from the couches and
then took a short snooze on them!

Food brings out here talkative personality. Once she has had food,
she begins to come alive and "talk" to us. She sounds so serious,
like we know what she is saying! When we nod, she nods in
agreement. It is soooo cute!

I'm ready to go into the cool fall weather! Are you?

Let's go!