" The Lord has done great things for us, whereof we are glad." Psalms 126:3

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Horsie Ride!

A little cowgirl in the making! She enjoyed her ride
on the horsie with Grandpa! Ruthanne is testing it
out before Grandpa and Grandma Bird sell it on their
online business!

Ruthanne travels around!

Boxes are the best toys! Cheap and adventurous!

Smile! I am in Wisconsin!

Vacation with Grandma Bird!

How do these snacks open?

Good morning! I am waking up slowly!

Giddyup horsie!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday from Wisconsin!

Ruthanne and I went to Wisconsin for the weekend (without
Daddy  - sad). We had a nice time there!

We had a little birthday party with some church friends and family!

Here's her friend, Malachi, and his mommy, Naomi!
Ruthanne's mommy has the same name!

Elayna, Anna, and Alise ready to have a party!

Ruthanne has her spoon ready! The spoon
is just for looks!

Ready to crawl!

Clownin around! The children had some fun games
to play! Ruthanne was too small, but she enjoyed
sitting and watching them. She was laughing!

Mrs. Brenda and her daughter - she made the cake for the party!

Opening gifts! Ruthanne had many helpers!

She shared all of her toys too!

Would you like to play with me?

Birthday cake! Yummmm!

Here is her little cake - with a little less sugar and just her size!

All gone everybody! Even the candle (just kidding)! She tried
to eat the little glass present attached to the plate!

Party's over! Thankyou Grandma and Grandpa Bird!

Mike & Sarah's Wedding

Lydia was a bridesmaid at Mike and Sarah's
wedding on Friday, August 17th!

Here's the special couple! Happily Married! They had a beautiful,
God-honoring wedding!

A family picture (missing my special husband)! Miss you!

Lydia, in the Bible, was a seller of purple!
Doesn't purple look nice? This is Auntie Lydia's
favorite color!

This was the front of the church! I like the purple fabric!

Lydia and Alise!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ruthanne's 1st Birthday Cake!

Ruthanne had her 1st birthday on Monday, August 13th!
Mommy made her a butterfly cake - gluten free and low on sugar! 

Our favorite fruit on top - peaches! 

Daddy and Ruthanne celebrating together! 

Waiting patiently for Daddy to come home to celebrate! 

A few snapshots of her eating the cake! 

Or stuffing it into her mouth!! 

It doesn't all fit! Where there is a will there is a way! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday snapshots!

"Are you ready for some pictures? Pull up a seat and hold on!
Mommy put lots of pictures on the blog and four videos on today!"
They don't all fit on the one page so look on the sidebar to previous
posted blogs! 

"Are you sure you want to see them?"

"Yesterday, August 10th, I learned to crawl!
See, this is the way you start!" 

"Okay, get ready to look below !" Love,
Ruthanne, Daddy, and Mommy! 

Peek-a-boo cupboards! From Smile to Fuss!

Ruthanne enjoys peeking in the kitchen cupboards now!
Here you can see how she goes from a smile to a fuss
in a matter of seconds! Not sure why! 

Look out! Now I can crawl!

Ruthanne's crawling is slow and steady. She is one step
closer to more adventure! 

1st Day of Crawling!

Ruthanne crawled for the first time today! She was 
working on it for the past few days, and she finally did it
and before her first birthday! Only a few days to spare! 

Sleepy Sunday!

Sleepy ride from church on Sundays! 

Eating a Whole Pear!

Ruthanne's "Pear-fect" Snack!

Something new! Ruthanne has never had a
whole piece of fruit before! This pear was very
soft, so we tried it! She loved it! 

When she discovered she could eat it, she
sunk all four teeth in! 

Almost ate the stem, but mommy removed
that just in time!

Hi, to all the onlookers! 

When it got down to the last few bites and the
core, Mommy snatched it away! She would
have conquered the task if she could have! 

An Evening Stroll on Daddy's Back!

So cute! I love pictures of them together! 

You can tell Ruthanne enjoys it too! 

Here is her toothy grin for the camera again!