" The Lord has done great things for us, whereof we are glad." Psalms 126:3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Many Funny Pictures to Enjoy!

A picture loaded up to go! The Lord provided
this washer and dryer for a wonderful price!
Ruthanne is priceless! 

Standing up with the help of the couch! 

Ruthanne stands (supported) by the couch for quite
awhile! She can't crawl yet, but she is gaining leg
strength. We will see what comes first! 

Ruthanne was having a party with her animals
in her room! 

Aloha! Paul is ready for the Hawaiian cookout
at our church!  

Smiling comes naturally! 

All the Hawaiian decorations will be used for
our Vacation Bible School them of Treasure
Island! So will the shirts we got for the occasion! 

Ruthanne enjoyed the super long straw! Daddy
gave her water from where he was sitting!
How simple! Dr. Russ is enjoying the show in
the background! 

A coconut race! How funny! 

Ruthanne rolls around now and explores all the areas! 

Fast asleep! 

Do I look funny ? 

Daddy thinks I do! 


Mystery Photo! Let us know what you think she
was doing????

That's funny Daddy! 

A new noise - I put my lips together and make a little trumpet
noise! Watchout! I might get you wet! 

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!
Write us an email to let us know some of your
favorite shots or just to let us know how you are! 

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